Microsoft: “iCloud Might Not be Enough. Try SkyDrive.”

If you are unfamiliar with SkyDrive, it is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that can be accessed across your computer, smartphone, and other devices. Microsoft released an official SkyDrive app for iPhone last December, and followed up with a new app for Mac just a few weeks ago.

Interestingly, Microsoft is actually promoting the use of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and even iCloud itself. In a recent blog post, Microsoft is merely trying to convince consumers to use SkyDrive alongside iCloud, instead of as a full-out alternative. The makers of Windows posted the following three reasons why you should use SkyDrive alongside the video, found just ahead.

Access files and Office docs, anywhere:

With iCloud, you can only access certain files across devices—like iWork files or photos you take on your iPhone.

With SkyDrive, you can access or manage any file from anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether the file is a document, photo, video, PDF, or anything else—just drag files to theSkyDrive folder on your Mac and they’ll automatically be available on youriPhone, iPad, or PC. If you don’t have your devices with you, you can still access, view, or edit any file by signing in to on any browser.

Share and work toegether with anyone:

With iCloud, you can only collaborate with people who have the right software.

But with SkyDrive, you can share any type of file—even big ones up to 2 GB—with anyone. SkyDrive works seamlessly with Office. Anyone you share with can view or edit Word,PowerPoint, or Excel files using Officefor Mac, Office for Windows, or withOffice Web Apps in their browser (it’s free!).

Your notes, everywhere:

With iCloud, you can access notes across your devices but can’t share them.

SkyDrive and OneNote, both free, are integrated so you can take notes, track to-dos and lists all in one place, and share your lists with friends and family so they can coordinate shopping or other tasks you’re working on together. You can share and keep your lists automatically updated from any device.


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