Edit Text Better with SwipeSelection [Cydia]

Typing and editing text on a touchscreen has always been a bit difficult for those who want to only move a space or two or select certain words. If you want to edit something, you’ll typically have to double tap a word to select it and then drag the little blue selection indicators to the desired point. This is rather bothersome for most users, but luckily jailbreak developer iKyle has designed a small tweak for iOS devices called SwipeSelection that will allow for much faster and intuitive text editing with a more limited number of taps than the traditional method.

Instead of double tapping a word or selecting all the text, SwipeSelection lets you hold down the shift key and drag one finger over the on-screen keyboard to select text. It’s far more accurate and works very well. If you need to select something faster, then simply drag two fingers over the keyboard instead of one and the text will be selected even quicker.

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