A Screw Caused an iPhone to Self-Combust on an Airplane

Imagine you’re sitting on an airplane, and your iPhone suddenly explodes in your hands. That’s exactly what happened last November, when an iPhone was left shattered and glowing red after self-combusting on an airplane that had just touched down in Sydney, Australia. The incident raised discussions about the safety of these batteries on flights, since this was a dangerous situation that could easily be repeated purposefully for the wrong reasons. But, the cause of the problem is probably not what you would expect.

Australian government officials have concluded their investigation of the incident, and have determined that the cause of the combustion was due to a loose screw that managed to puncture the iPhone’s battery after a faulty screen replacement procedure by an unauthorized service center.

The loose screw made its way to the battery casing and punctured it, which created a short circuit and caused the battery to overheat. Thankfully, nobody was hurt on the airplane; however, it is still a big reminder of the dangers that can be associated with carrying electronic equipment on flights. Do you fly with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad?

[ZDNet Australia via MacRumors]

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