AT&T CEO Regrets Offering Unlimited Data with First iPhone

During an on-stage interview at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference Wednesday, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said that his “only regret” about having the iPhone exclusive to the carrier was the offering of unlimited data. Stephenson believes that AT&T shouldn’t have offered an “all you can eat” plan for data because it cost him money in the end.

“My only regret was how we introduced pricing in the beginning, because how did we introduce pricing? Thirty dollars and you get all you can eat,” he said in the on-stage interview at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference on Wednesday. “And it’s a variable cost model. Every additional megabyte you use in this network, I have to invest capital.”

AT&T removed their unlimited data plan back in 2010 and has since offered multiple different monthly usage caps. They also began to throttle grandfathered unlimited data users in certain cities. Even though they claimed that the “top 5 percent of users” would be affected, one user only used a mere 137.59 MB extra in a month and was slowed down.

[NYT Bits via MacRumors]

Image via The Tech Block

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