Could iOS 6 Be the Cure to Your iOS Boredom?

Ever since Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone nearly five years ago, the user interface of iPhone OS — which has since been rebranded as iOS — has remained relatively the same. Any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad user is familiar with the four-by-five icon grid on the home screen in addition to the status bar with a time stamp and battery level indicator.

I mean, sure, there have been changes to iOS as it has grown; the additions of Notification Center, Spotlight search, the multitasking app switcher, and folders are just some of the new features that have been added to iOS over the past few years. But the underlying user interface remains the same, and perhaps users are getting bored of that design as we approach the five year anniversary of the iPhone.

As we inch closer to Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference this June, the preview or release of iOS 6 is almost expected; historically, Apple has always introduced a new major version of its iOS software in June or July. iFans users have been hoping for a variety of new features in iOS 6, including native Facebook integration and Siri support for more devices.

Additionally, most users are hoping for home screen widgets and new multitasking gestures for iPhone and iPod touch. But individual features aside, the general consensus is that iOS 6 should have a major user interface redesign. Then again, do you actually think that Apple would change iOS that drastically?

As noted by Rene Ritchie for iMore, most consumers are familiar with how the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad works, which is crucial for tech illiterate individuals. I mean, my grandma can use the iPad. Enough said. So, perhaps Apple should avoid the drawing board with iOS 6 and focus on making the current edition even more feature rich. What do you think?

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