BGR: “Even with BlackBerry 10, RIM is Still Dead”

There might not be anyone in the world that scrutinizes Research in Motion as much as Boy Genius Report founder Jonathan S. Geller. So it’s very unsurprising — and almost expected — that Geller has penned a new article claiming that RIM is still dead despite the announcement of BlackBerry 10.

This company has not changed, and won’t change. The parts of BlackBerry 10 demoed are slick — capturing a series of images and combining different elements from each one before you save a photo seems genuinely incredible, though how is that done, with an EDoF camera, so no autofocus? What we saw wasn’t truly innovative, though. It wasn’t compelling enough, and it’s unfortunately too late to try and gain enough traction and support for a third mobile ecosystem.

I mean, yes, obviously Research in Motion is experiencing one of most difficult periods in its company history, but I’m not all that certain that they are headed for complete extinction just yet. After all, the Waterloo, Canada-based company is still bringing in billions of dollars and the BlackBerry remains a popular smartphone choice despite its declining market share.

Geller goes on to say that RIM has been messing up for eight years now, and that they don’t deserve another chance at turning the ship in the right direction. Eight years? Try two or three. If anything, Research in Motion has failed to adapt to the massive strides that Apple and Google have made in the smartphone market. But it’s illogical to say that Research in Motion doesn’t deserve another chance at returning to its glory days as a smartphone leader. Give them a chance.


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