Apple: Samsung, We Don’t Like Your Logo

Despite agreeing to hold court moderated patent settlement talks beginning on May 21, Apple and Samsung remain embroiled in a back-and-forth legal battle that is set to continue with a jury trial in a Northern California district court on July 30. Ahead of the trial, Apple has made numerous requests to the court as it prepares its defense in the patent litigation case. Apple has filed a motion that asks for the court to obscure the Samsung logo on its video equipment, since they do not want the jury to believe that the court has any preference towards the South Korean handset maker.

According to patent expert Florian Mueller for FOSS Patents, Apple has also requested that any references to Foxconn or the company’s working conditions in China are left out. Additionally, the company has called for a ban on any Steve Jobs quotes from Walter Isaacson’s official biography of the late Apple co-founder. While it might be nitpicking, Apple is not taking its patent litigation lightly when it comes to fighting its arch-rival Samsung.

Samsung has also provided a list of its own requests, asking the court to exclude “Apple-related blogs and articles by non-expert newspaper reporters, regarding any assessment of Apple and Samsung and/or their products.” Moreover, the South Korean electronics conglomerate doesn’t want any testimony from Henry Urbach, “Apple’s expert on the alleged cultural significance of Apple,” referring to his statements as subjective and, therefore, “not helpful to the jury.”

Apple has a stranglehold on the American smartphone market due to the tremendous success of the iPhone 4S, while Samsung has emerged as the number one smartphone vendor on an international level. The two companies continue to flip-flop in market share, however, as Apple reigned as the No. 1 smartphone vendor worldwide in the previous quarter before it was overtook by Samsung.

[FOSS Patents via CNET]

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