Pre-order iPhone 4 Today

That’s right, you will be able to pre-order you iPhone 4 today. The exact time? Unknown, at least to everyone but those in Cupertino.

What we do know, is that it will be today. Steve Jobs told us that much. Guesses of the time range from midnight Pacific Time, to 5:30 a.m. PT (which was the time iPad pre-orders went live).

Regardless of when, those who wish to pre-order the iPhone 4 need to know where to do it. As always, the best way to do it is through Apple, whether that be their online store or their retail stores, but there are other stores to do it from as well.

Which should you do business with? Read on.

Advantages of Pre-ordering through Apple

Pre-ordering from the online store will bring you the device on launch day, from the comfort of your home. That’s it. You pay Apple, Apple ships you the device on the 24th, you enjoy the device. Nice, easy, and simple. Isn’t Apple known for something like that?

Walking into the Retail Stores, saying that you want to pre-order an iPhone will get you directed to a computer, to do the same thing you would have at home. But hey, its a new Mac you’re doing it from.

Other Stores

While you would expect to have the normal retailers and carrier jumping to help customers pre-order, it seems as if Apple is playing this one close to the chest. Engadget reports that some Best Buy and RadioShack locations are telling them that they will not be taking pre-orders tomorrow, although later in the week it is a possibility. While they claim to have gotten reports that some retail stores are still going to be cashing in on pre-orders, it all seems to be pretty hit-and-miss right now.

Bottom Line They build the phone, the OS, and they would love to let you pre-order it, hassle-free. Plus you get a guarantee delivery of launch day. Can’t beat them guarantees.

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