Leaked: Facebook Working on Messenger for iPad

Since its release last summer, the Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and iPod touch has been extraordinarily popular with users. But, a dedicated iPad app has yet to be released to take advantage of the tablet’s larger 9.7-inch display. Fortunately, an official Facebook Messenger for iPad app is expected to be in the works, according to reliable sources for 9to5Mac. An early beta version of Facebook Messenger, which has been available on iPhone for over 8 months, has surfaced for the iPad and provides an in-depth look at the app.

Facebook Messenger for iPad is basically a larger version of the iPhone application with one-to-one messaging, group chatting, push notifications, the ability to see friend locations on a map, and more.

While the application is essentially just a larger version of the iPhone app, the fact that Facebook is working on such an app shows the company’s dedication to all of Apple’s platforms. The Facebook Messenger for iPad application will also provide iPad users with the convenience of a simple application for messaging their friends. There will no longer be the need to access the sometimes flaky and “heavy” full Facebook for iPad application.

It is unclear when — or if — Facebook will release Messenger for iPad, but the social networking service continues to develop the app internally. Facebook is also said to be working on an updated version of Messenger for iPhone that will include a new video chat feature, which could compete with Apple’s official FaceTime service for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Again, a time frame for that update remains unknown. Do you use Facebook, or do you prefer alternatives like Twitter for social networking?


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