Tweetbot Updated with New Gestures, Smoother UI, and More

Tapbots today released an update to their popular iOS Twitter client, Tweetbot, bringing it to version 2.3 with many enhancements and some great new features. The first big feature is a completely new Tweet detail view that now shows conversations and replies. This new feature can be accessed by swiping from right to left over a Tweet. Oh, and speaking of gestures, you can now go back to the timeline quickly by simply swiping from left to right in detail view. More on this update after the break.

If you ever use Storify, then you’ll be delighted to know that this new version of Tweetbot has support for posting a link to conversations using the service. Lots of folks have found this very useful for sharing feedback on things and such, but it all depends.

One other great thing the developer has added in version 2.3 is Droplr support. If you don’t already know, Droplr is a bit like CloudApp with some extra features. I personally use it because it’s really fast and the developers have done very well at keeping things working, but some still prefer the original CloudApp. Regardless, if you do have a Droplr account then you can use it for URL shortening, image uploading, video uploading, or text uploading (iPhone version only).

There are a lot of other little features and such, so check below for them all and go grab the update in iTunes or on your iOS device!

Full list of changes in Tweetbot 2.3:

- New tweet detail view with inline conversations and replies (swipe right to left on a tweet for quick access)
- New gesture in tweet detail to get back to the timeline quickly (swipe left to right)
- New conversation view now contains both the conversation and replies (swipe left to right on a tweet for quick access)
- Ability to email conversations or post a link to them via Storify when in the conversation view
- Droplr Support
- Video thumbnails now have a “play” icon to differentiate it from image thumbnails
- Timeline sync bookmark icon is now an optional setting
- Reorganized tweet drawer (last two buttons have gone through some options reorganization)
- Added thumbnail support for Vimeo links
- Higher res image uploads when on wifi
- Hold down compose tweet button to quickly open last draft
- Support for $stock links
- Improved email format when sending tweets, DMs, or conversations as email
- Arabic Localization

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