Quasar: Run Apps in Windowed Screens on the iPad [Cydia]

Quasar is an interesting new jailbreak tweak for the iPad that allows you to run a windows manager on the tablet, placing your favorite applications inside a windowed environment. Instead of launching as full-screen applications in familiar fashion, applications run in adjustable and movable windows.

Apps also run side-by-side — think Windows Snap — and can be opened up in full-screen or sized-down within seconds. Windows have three buttons on the bottom left hand corner, allowing you to close the window, open the app in full-screen or change the orientation. On the right hand corner is an option for resizing the window to be smaller or larger. Read on to find out how to get Quasar for your iPad.

Quasar launches iPhone applications in their native size and resolution, instead of a blurry, enlarged version to fit the iPad. Developer Pedro¬†Franceschi managed to integrate Quasar into iOS’s app switcher, which makes the functionality of the tweak even better; for instance, tapping the close button on an application running in a window will cause the application to be closed, and you’ll need to force quit the app because it’s still running in the background.

If you hold the close button, however, the application will close completely, including as a background process in the iOS multitasking bar. Tapping a link such as an App Store or YouTube link opens the respective application, but you’ll be greeted with a new window instead of a full-screen app. Oddly, windowed apps can be dragged off the iPad screen completely, which can obviously become a pain. These bugs should be resolved in future updates to Quasar.

Quasar will set you back $9.99 to take advantage of the iPad’s big screen and can be found on Cydia under the BigBoss repository. The tweak requires a jailbroken iPad running iOS 5 or later.

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