iPhone 4 Ships June 24th, Pre-orders June 15th

And here’s the last bit of info needed: Shipping date and price.

The iPhone 3GS will be taking the iPhone 3G’s place as the low end device, coming in at $99 for 8GB. The next step up is the 16GB iPhone 4, which will be priced at $199. The high-end iPhone remains 32GB, and will run $299.

So, pricing remains the same, and all AT&T customers with an upgrade this year will be able to buy an iPhone 4 at launch.

“AT&T is going to make an incredibly generous upgrade offer. If your contract expires at any time in 2010, you can upgrade to the iPhone 4. You can get it up to six months early.”

iPhone 4 will also come in black and white casings. As you can see, this is different than the 3GS’ different colors. The entire iPhone is white, in contrast to just the back being white.

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