Square Off: Who is Apple’s Biggest Rival?

In its early days, one of Apple’s biggest rivals was considered to be IBM because of its affordable personal computer. In the ensuing years, a bitter rivalry between Apple and Microsoft was kick-started based on the battle between Macs and PCs. Nowadays, partly because Apple has expanded into new product categories, a myriad of different competitors have emerged alongside the Cupertino-based company.

Samsung has been embroiled in a yearlong patent litigation war with Apple, while Google emerged as a rival with Apple nearly five years ago when it released its Android mobile operating system. The release of Android sparked even more rivalries with the iPhone maker, because now handset makers such as Motorola Mobility and HTC can also be considered rivals with Apple.

Amazon is also a noteworthy competitor with Apple, as the Kindle Fire has been virtually the only tablet to gain any traction alongside the iPad’s dominance. Then there’s Nokia, who is trying to return to their mobile phone glory days with the launch of the Lumia 900. Last, but certainly not least, you could also consider the struggling BlackBerry maker Research in Motion to be a rival with Apple. So the big question is, who is Apple’s biggest rival? Is it Microsoft or Google, or perhaps Samsung or Research in Motion?

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