This is What Android Looked Like Prior to the iPhone

If you are in support of Steve Job’s famous phrase about going to “thermonuclear war” on Android, or about how the end of Android might be approaching, you’ll probably find these early Android screenshots laughable. What you’re looking at is an early version of the Android operating system from the beginning of 2007, shortly before Apple released the original iPhone. As noted by The Verge, the images aren’t very good quality, but still provide a good enough idea of what Android could have looked like.

These images were “subject to change” — yes, changes were clearly made — prior to the public release of Android. An avid Apple supporter would suggest that perhaps the iPhone had an impact on Google scrapping these early designs, but others would debate that claim. All we know is that Android has definitely changed tremendously in its nearly five-year history, and reigns as the world’s most used mobile operating system despite the iPhone’s dominance in the United States. Do you use an Android-powered smartphone?

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