YouTunes Live: The Ultimate App for Streaming Audio

Over the last few years, YouTube has grown into the largest video sharing site on the web. Videos of all kinds are shared, including game playthroughs, video logs, podcasts, and even music videos. In addition to being a video sharing site, YouTube has grown into a website that allows established and aspiring bands and artists to share their musical work. In fact, YouTube has replaced iTunes and other streaming sites in terms of where people listen to their music and audio. Bundled with every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad comes the standard YouTube application, which is really only optimized for single video viewing. What if you wanted to listen to multiple videos and even background the audio? This is where the new, free iOS application YouTunes Live creates a category of its own.

YouTunes Live is an application that is centered around the audio experience of YouTube. It allows you to create and manage a playlist of YouTube videos, and then just stream the audio from these videos. It has you covered for listening to podcasts, seminars or events, and best of all, music. It also works even when the application is in the background, or when the device is locked. Upon starting the application, you are greeted with a single playlist. Initially, no videos are present within this playlist. However, this issue can easily be remedied by just tapping the plus button and searching for videos on YouTube.

If you want, you can also enter the ID or URL of a video and the application will add it for you. Interface wise, YouTunes Live is absolutely gorgeous and extremely simple. In fact, aside from your playlist, there are just two buttons. One to add a new video, or videos, and another one to play or pause your content. With no prior instruction, we were able to easily control and manage our videos and our playlist.The main features of the application, as listed on their website, are below:

  • Browse and listen to any content on YouTube
  • Stream audio content in the background, even when the device is locked
  • Play audio content through external speakers and headphones
  • Organize audio content into a simple playlist
  • Reorder, edit, view, and delete playlist items with just simple taps and swipes
  • Search for videos using an intuitive search system, or add a video by typing the URL/ID
  • Listen to audio content through Edge, 3G, and WiFi, although WiFi or 3G is preferred

Based on these features, YouTunes Live could easily replace your main application for streaming music and audio in general. YouTube’s large library of user uploaded content propels this application ahead of most other streaming applications in terms of what is available, and the simple interface makes using the application just plain enjoyable. YouTunes Live’s website can be found by following this link. The application can also be downloaded from the App Store for absolutely free.

This is a guest post by iFans forum member Aaron.

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