Chrome is the World’s Most Popular Browser, Safari Doesn’t Even Come Close

Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, trailed by Firefox and Internet Explorer, says Internet monitoring firm Pingdom. Chrome 18 held a 25.6% browser share in April 2012, while Firefox 11 and Internet Explorer 9 trailed behind at 15.8% and 15.7% respectively. Internet Explorer 8 claimed the fourth spot with a marginally lower 14.6% stake, while Safari 5.1 rounded out the top five with a significantly lower browser share of just 3.6% this month.

Internet Explorer still reigned as the top browser in North America in April with a share of 21.2%, but Chrome 18 could overtake them very shortly with a 20.2% stake of its own. When you combine the usage of Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9, however, Microsoft’s default Windows browser still triumphs over Google’s newer browser. Internet Explorer 8 (15.6%), Firefox 11 (14.1%), and Safari 5.1 (6.6%) round out the top five browser versions used in North America.

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