Just Mobile AluPen Review

I began my insterest of mobile products with the Palm Zire 31. It was what I considered to be an amazing product, with its fancy color touchscreen, state-of-the-art Palm OS, and fantastic implementation and use of a stylus. I was in living the life, or so I thought.

This was three years before the iPhone would be unveiled, and Jobs would open the industry’s eyes to how silly stylus input actually was. The iPhone started the trend that eliminated the stylus as the principle input method for smart devices.

Five years later, it seems to be making a comeback. Thankfully, the stylus of the past is gone forever. In its place are larger, well-designed, more ergonomic metallic cylinders, which focus on drawing and other specialized activities for people who want to use their iOS or Android devices to create, instead of simply consume.

If ever there was a beautiful stylus, this is it. Using it is a joy; the ergonomic design of the AluPen makes it easy to hold comfortably for long periods of time. The stylus feels perfectly balanced, and is obviously made from premium materials. Machined aluminum makes up the outside, and the soft rubber tip makes it easy to draw on any device with a capacitive screen.


When using it for drawing (or even just general navigation), I actually found it to be nice. The AluPen was both accurate and easy to use, while providing an interesting experience. The interface of iOS is surprisingly well-suited to a stylus, especially on an iPad where all icons are bigger, but even on the comparatively small screens of the iPhone and iPod touch.

This stylus has interested me in this market. While I had previously considered styli to be old remnants of a bygone era of smartphones and PDAs (remember them?), this new generation, like their smartphone counterparts, are designed to be both beautiful and functional.

Unlike ye olden times of yore, the stylus is most certainly not for everyone. They are for people interested in various fields: mostly drawing, note taking, and perhaps some design. More importantly, they are for people who are interested in performing these tasks on a mobile device. For these people, I would now consider a stylus to be an indispensable tool – and the AluPen is an outstanding choice.

The AluPen is sold in various colors; as tested, it will cost you $24.99 USD, though it is available through Amazon for less.

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