iOS Mobile Web Usage Tops Android at 71%

Online advertisement network Chitika launched a new nearly real-time tool that compared the mobile Web usage of Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to all Android devices combined from April 18th to April 23rd in the US. In the survey, Chitika found that Apple’s mobile OS dominates Google’s by a solid 48 percent.

This data doesn’t necessarily show that there aren’t as many users of Android as claimed, but could rather indicate that those users aren’t actually using their devices to browse as much as iOS users are. At its peak, iOS reached 80 percent on April 19th, with Android peaking at just 29.8 percent.

A more recent version of Chitika’s traffic calculation is available on their website and includes the past 24 hours of usage in the USA.

Other than iOS and Android, there is an “other” section in the usage meter, but it’s only once peaked at 12.5 percent, so Apple and Google’s competition definitely isn’t going anywhere.

[Chitika via AppleInsider]

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