Apple Seeds Safari 5.2 Update 3, Xcode 4.4 Developer Preview 3

Following the release of OS X Mountain Lion (Developer Preview 3), Apple has seeded a new beta of Safari 5.2 in addition to Xcode 4.4 (Developer Preview 3) to developers. OS X Mountain Lion is expected to launch this summer, bringing several iOS features to the Mac.

Safari 5.2 Update 3:

Among the usual bug fixes, Safari 5.2 Update 3 comes with a new scalable vector graphics filter, redesigned Web Inspector and HTML5 media controllers. Also included are CSS filters, Web Audio API and HTML5 timed tracks.

Xcode 4.4 Developer Preview 3:

The preview of Xcode 4.4 includes an updated Apple LLVM Compiler version 4.0. According to the release notes for the software, enhancements include:

  • Objective-C language features
  • Improved support for the 2011 C++ standard
  • Major improvements to Xcode’s static analyzer
  • New interface builder support for AppKit features
  • A viewer and editor for 3D files as .DAE documents
  • Improvements to the Find Bar and Search Navigator
  • Integrated QuickHelp in code completion
  • Tweaks to the source editor jump bar popup


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