‘iPhone 5′ Will Spike Apple’s Stock Based on Historic Prices

John Paczkowski for AllThingsD assures everyone that the so-called “iPhone 5″ will spike the price of Apple shares. That claim is based on research by Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes, who has determined that, historically, the price of Apple’s stock has risen dramatically in a six-month period leading up to a major iPhone release. So, perhaps Apple’s stock could inch closer to the $1000 mark with this new iPhone expected in under six months.

“Our research indicates that Apple’s shares appreciate 31 percent in the 6 months ahead of every major new iPhone ship date,” says Reitzes. “We believe this phenomenon occurs given datapoints from the supply chain start to indicate a significant acceleration in iPhone sales after each launch. … Since we believe that [the] iPhone 5 cycle will be particularly special – and start in the September timeframe – it is not time to give up on Apple’s stock right now.”


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