Samsung Files Suit Against Apple Over 8 Patents

Just when you thought that the patent war might finally be coming to an end between Apple and Samsung, the South Korean electronics maker has accused Apple of violating eight patents in Northern California district court. Samsung has filed this counterclaim in response to a complaint filed by Apple in February. Florian Mueller for FOSS Patents (via AppleInsider) notes that Samsung has been generally unsuccessful in its patent litigation against Apple worldwide, and calls these latest actions by the South Korean firmĀ ”unrepentant.”

The full list of patents cited in Samsung’s latest filing against Apple are:

This is just the latest move in a cat-and-mouse legal battle between Apple and Samsung, which began over a year ago and involves litigation in nine different countries. Samsung is currently being investigated by the European Commission to determine that they adhering to FRAND, which is fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing of its patents.

[FOSS Patents via AppleInsider]

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