WinterBoard Updated to Fix Scrolling Lag and Respring Issues [Cydia]

Just one of many examples of how iOS can be customized using WinterBoard

A new version of WinterBoard, a popular customization app for jailbroken iOS devices, is now available from Cydia. This is the first update to the tool since last October and includes several new features and bug fixes. WinterBoard version 0.9.3905 solves SpringBoard scrolling lag as long as SummerBoard mode is turned off, fixes SpringBroad crashes, adds HTML wallpaper multi-touch, provides a respring fix, corrects the order of UISound Stack, and more. The complete release notes can be found just ahead.

  • 5.x: Solve SpringBoard Scroll Lag (only with “SummerBoard Mode” off)
  • Default SummerBoard Mode to Off
  • 4+5: TimeStyle, PerPage, IconAlpha
  • 4+5: Respring Fix
  • 5.x: Last Ditch kill -KILL Respring
  • 4+5: HTML Wallpaper Multi-Touch
  • 2+3: Fixed SpringBoard Crashes
  • Corrected Order of UISound Stack
  • Use Fallback/* to Wildcard Theme
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