Steve Jobs on Possible Advantages of Multiple Carriers in the U.S.

‘There might be.’

Those are Steve Jobs’ words, regarding advantages of having multiple (specifically two) carriers in the U.S. And, quite frankly, I can see nothing but good coming out of that. What is nothing new to anyone who lives out of the U.S, this is great, considering it offers users of different networks to get an iPhone, and users of AT&T who aren’t satisfied to jump ship.

All of this (and more, see highlights here) came out of his interview at ‘D: All things Digital,’ or D8. Interviewed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, the interview makes for a great read.

Keep in mind this is far from a confirmation, but he definitely strayed form his usual ‘AT&T is great, AT&T is good’ mantra. If anything, this set the stage for a very exciting WWDC 2010!

The actual conversation was this:

Kara: What about going to another carrier?

Walt: Would there be advantages to having two in the US?

Steve: There might be.

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