The Love Story of ‘G-Male’ and Siri

There was once a beautiful young girl named Buttercup who — oh wait, ye want not hear this story? Shame, it’s a classic, but I know exactly what you want to do: go back to your video games from the 2010s, except that’s not going to happen because now I’ve hooked you onto something with that title and embedded YouTube video that involves the intriguing “G-Male” and Siri.

What is this unheard of romance between the “perfect” boyfriend and girlfriend, you ask? Comediva┬átries to make sense of it all in their latest [admittedly hilarious, but ridiculous] video. It’s all about Siri, holder of the Apple, and G-Male, her true hero. But that’s the only spoiler I’ll give you, so watch it below and tell us what you think in the comments.

[The Next Web]

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