Would You Line Up for an Apple Television Set?

There has been a lot of talk lately about Apple working on a television set for release later this year, or perhaps even next year. But, would you actually line up outside of your local Apple retail store to get your hands on this TV set? Moreover, would the launch of an Apple-branded television set even create enough hype for these types of long queues to form? Let’s take a look.

For starters, the price of the so-called “iTV” will surely be higher than Apple’s other blockbuster products — the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad — and that might cause many impulse buyers to turn away. One rumor has the Apple TV priced at $1,200, but that’s far from confirmed and merely a good estimate to prove my point.

Additionally, several households have likely already upgraded to an HDTV in the last 5 years as the prices of plasma, LCD, and LED TVs has dropped substantially over that time period. For this reason, homeowners might opt to stick with their current television setup instead of breaking the bank for the latest and greatest Apple television set. Unlike smartphones and iPods, most people don’t upgrade their TV on a yearly or biyearly basis.

But, this is Apple we’re talking about. Analysts were skeptical about how successful the iPhone would be, and scrutinized the iPad for the same reasons; yet, look at how successful these products have become. If Apple releases a television set with the same great quality and design of its other products, they could easily redefine the television industry and give Samsung some real competition in that market. What do you think?

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