Instagram Reaches 40 Million Total Users, 1 Million Per Day

Ever since the release of their Android app, the once iPhone-exclusive photo sharing app Instagram has gained millions of additional users in record time. The Android app saw one million downloads in the first day alone, making it obvious that it was going to be very successful. But then a bump in the road came along when Facebook announced that they were going to acquire Instagram for $1 billion. Users began to question whether the service would still be safe to use and privacy concerns were widely expressed.

However, even in the light of Instagram’s acquisition by Facebook, the service has continued to grow. Today, Gramfeed — a third-party tracking website that allows users to access Instagram’s API and perform actions like photo browsing and commenting — has made good use of the Instagram API to find out just how many users are on the service right now. They found that the numbers have hit 40 million a mere ten days after Instagram had announced that they hit 30 million users.

Things are obviously moving along quite nicely for Instagram (or Facebook, if you wish to see things that way) since the release of their Android app. It was definitely a highly-anticipated app that was well worth the wait, but iPhone users were rather disgruntled that their once-exclusive service had been taken away and made available to other smartphone owners. Also, many users left the network after it had been acquired by Facebook just last week. Regardless of these facts, nothing is stopping it from growing.

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