Infinity Blade II Updated with Social Gameplay

Epic Games today released an update to their widely popular iOS graphics masterpiece’s sequel, Infinity Blade II. It features ClashMob, an entirely new content pack that finally brings social gameplay to the Epic adventure. You can now play along with your friends within MyMob, earning special perks along the way — these, and the new achievements, are only available to players of ClashMob.

Other notable additions that are in the ClashMob pack include weapons crafting using the Gem Forge, lots of new weapons and equipment, and full support and optimized gameplay for iOS 5.1. Also included in the list of changes was a notice that the developer will soon be bringing an expanded version of the single player campaign with lots of new goals to meet.

Go grab Infinity Blade II version 1.1 on the App Store for $4.99 if you don’t already own it, or check your Updates tab in iTunes or your iOS device’s App Store for the 930 MB revision.

Changes in version 1.1:

NEW CONTENT PACK! Infinity Blade II: ClashMobâ„¢!

- Jump into the all-new, globally social battle mode: ClashMob, featuring dynamic challenges that will test your strategic mettle.
- Recruit friends and team up together in MyMob and earn special perks as well as unlock new achievements & rewards!
- Upgrade your weapons by crafting the most powerful gems available in the all-new Gem Forge.
- More than two dozen new weapons, magic rings, gems and equipment to collect, wield and master.
- Fully supporting iOS 5.1, with gameplay enhancements and updates for overall optimized gameplay.
- All for free! Infinity Blade II is now better than ever!

COMING SOON: Expanded single-player campaign with new challenges, enemies, and items to master!

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