Brief Bits: “Flashback” Malware Now Infecting Under 300,000 Macs

When we told you about the Flashback malware affecting Mac OS X last week, it was said that over 600,000 Macs were infected with the malicious trojan virus. Apple responded to the issue by releasing a security fix to patch the Java vulnerability, while security firm F-Secure released a Flashback scanning tool to determine if your Mac has fallen victim to the malware.

These efforts seem to be working, as Symantec estimates that the number of infected Macs was down to under 270,000 as of April 11th. And by now, that number could very well have fallen below the 200,000 mark. Apple has stated that they will release a Flashback removal tool in the near future, but F-Secure has already beat them to it in the meantime. Have you checked if your Mac is infected with Flashback?


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