Watch How an iPad is Made

Rob Schmitz, Marketplace‘s China correspondent, published a video today that gives a near-full tour of how Apple’s iPad is produced in Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory. The video (above) features nearly all of Foxconn’s production process, from pressing the battery into the device and testing out the gyroscope to installing and testing the touchscreen display. Read on for additional details.

What’s most surprising about this is that employees get paid a mere $14 a day at start to assemble one of Apple’s $499+ tablets. After about a year of this, they get a raise to double that, but it’s still not all that much. What’s truly outrĂ© is the fact that hundreds of people line up just to get a job at Foxconn’s factory. In one scene of the video, for instance, Schmitz notes that there were over 500 applicants in one day — this job is definitely in high demand.

It’s also important to note that Foxconn does by no means treat their employees unfairly. In fact, they’ve spend millions of dollars improving the working conditions at their factories with Internet access, sports and fitness facilities, and more.

If you’re looking for more insight on how Foxconn treats their employees, assembles iPads, and so on, then head over to Marketplace’s “Apple Economy” series page for many eye-opening reports on the topic.

[Marketplace via The Next Web]

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