Firefox Home Coming to an iDevice Near You

With the recent success of Opera Mini being approved for the App Store, it seems that Mozilla is willing to try its luck with Firefox Home. This app should help to bridge the gap between browsing on the desktop and browsing on the mobile phone, by giving users access to their browsing history, bookmarks, and the tabs that were last open. Also included is Mozilla’s ‘Awesome Bar’ (creative, isn’t it?) which helps users get to their favorite websites with as little typing as possible.

While Mozilla is quick to admit that this is not a full browser, they say that this little iPhone app will help Firefox users pick up right where they left of, regardless of if they are on their phone or computer. Firefox Home has not been submitted to the App Store yet, so there is no definite release date, although Mozilla hopes to have it out soon.

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Firefox Home

[Mozilla Blog]

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