Apple Store Goes Down, What Could It Be?

Update: Everything’s back and there are no changes.

Apple’s online store has just went down, either for maintenance or to add a few items to the inventory. One notable thing about this downtime is that Apple has changed their image for the occasion. The new one (seen above) is simple and no longer looks like a sticky note — this is sad to see since the sticky note was an iconic little image that everyone knew to be Apple’s store being down. In addition to the sticky note being changed, they have also switched the background to a linen one, much like that of iOS’ Notification Center, but lighter.

So why is the store down this evening? Nobody really knows. Apple could be refreshing their MacBook Pro line with new Ivy Bridge processors, but that micro-architecture isn’t supposed to release until the 29th of this month, according to suppliers. What do you think Apple is up to?

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