Apple’s Market Cap Clears $600 Billion

Just as the market opened today, Apple’s market capitalization surpassed $600 billion — a milestone. With this, the stock is now up 60 percent from the beginning of the year, which is incredible for just over three months of activity. It’s obvious that the announcement of their new iPad has kept things rising as well; the corporation had sold three million units within twelve days of the pre-order date with more selling each day.

Six weeks ago, APPL reached $500 billion, rapidly increasing as the days flew by. It is believed by a few analysts that Apple’s stock will eventually reach the $1 trillion market capitalization milestone, but that is somewhere in the distant future. It’s important to note that Microsoft currently has the record for the highest market cap ever, which was $619 billion back in 2000 — a true accomplishment in that day and over $800 billion in today’s economy.


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