How To Check for and Remove Flashback

Since it was discovered just last week, Flashback has infected over 600,000 Macs. This has become worrisome to many users, but there’s actually a quick way to check that you don’t have it with a new tool called Flashback Checker. Ars Technica pointed to the apps’ Github page yesterday noting that it will swiftly check your Mac for Flashback’s files in the locations which it stores them.

If the app does find them, then there’s a removal process available from F-Secure. It does require that you know your way around Terminal just a bit, but nothing too complicated — it’s mostly just some copy and pasting with text editing that needs to be done. Once you’re finished with their instructions, you’re good to go! OpenDNS has now begun to filter Flashback as well, so hopefully it will be out of most Macs soon. Lastly, make sure to update your Mac’s Java in Software Update if you haven’t already.

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