New iPhone Being Tested Internally, ‘iPod5,1′ Reference Found

9to5Mac published a report today claiming that Apple is now testing a “new iPhone” internally. The Cupertino-based corporation apparently sent out a prototype unit labeled “N96″ for testing internally in order to find out how well a “variation” of the new A5X CPU by the name of “S5L8945X” is functioning within the device. If you’re thinking “redesign!” then sorry, but that’s not the case just yet. Apple is actually being extremely careful with their new device and instead testing it in an iPhone 4/4S casing to prevent leaks of the new design. More after the break.

In addition to the suspected increase in processor clock speed, 9to5Mac asserts that the new device will include a larger amount of RAM to allow for more apps to be open at once. Since it has been rumored that the new iPhone will include a 4-5-inch display, it makes sense for the device to need more RAM since Retina display apps on that size screen would take up more resources.

Also included in 9to5Mac’s report is a mention of the thought-to-be-lost iPod touch. The “Apple Intelligence” blog has located a reference to a “iPod5,1″ in an internal edition of iOS 5.1. “We haven’t heard any specifics regarding the new iPod touch hardware, but the jump from 4,1 (the current internal iPod touch label) to 5,1 indicates major internal changes, at the very least,” Mark Gurman — the author of this report — notes.

It has long been expected that Apple will refresh their iPod touch, though some recent speculation has actually claimed the device will be discontinued altogether to move towards the smartphone industry since nearly every person has a smartphone. However, the device’s time has not yet come and it will likely seen another refresh — possibly a big one with some physical changes.

Even though I referred to Apple’s next-generation iPhone as the “iPhone 5″ in my last article, it’s strongly believed that Apple will soon unify their iOS device names as they have with their Macs to become simply “iPhone,” and “iPad.” Whether or not this will happen this year is unknown, though after the whole “new iPad” event, I’d expect it.


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