Foxconn Employee Claims iPhone 5 Will Launch in October

As noted by Kotaku, a South Korean publication by the name of Maeil Business Newspaper reports that the head of Foxconn’s human resources department at their Taiyuan factory told the paper that Foxconn “just got the order. It [the release] will be around October.” This is near perfect timing since last week a Macotakara reported that Foxconn had begun hiring for 18,000 positions in the Taiyuan factory, which further backs Maeil Business Newspaper’s report.

It had previously been rumored that Apple would unveil iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 — or 5th generation — at their annual WWDC in San Francisco. However, recent reports have begun to contradict this and it is now believed that the next-generation device will be released later on in the year, hinting that Apple may be changing their release date patterns for the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 has been speculated and rumored to include a quad-core processor, LTE communication technology, a larger display (4-4.7 inches), a redesigned chassis, and double the internal storage for the same price as it is now.


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