Recent Game Releases: Split/Second, Bruce Lee, X2 Football 2010 and Shrek Forever After

appstoreEveryday, quality titles pour into the AppStore and a huge majority of those are games. Whether they are by indie developers who take a shot for success, or well-known publishers who build must-have titles from the ground up.

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of game releases, and very few are worth purchasing.  I’ve picked out just four of them to give you guys a taste.  Hit the break for the four games and their description…

Split/Second [$6.99 - AppStore]

From the console version to the iPhone, Disney have resized the Xbox and PS3′s racer Split/Second down to the iPhone. The main theme the game is based around is smashing and crashing. If you hit your opponent at a high-speed or crash crazily into the corner, your vehicle will flip several times as a result.

It comes with 9 tracks based across 3 high-quality locations brought down from the console cousins, with 15 different cars to race with. Online multiplayer is also included so you can play with anybody across the world.

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior [$4.99 - AppStore]

Over a month ago Digital Legends had released Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior HD for the iPad, without any shout-out before the release.   IGFUN however, did give a preview ahead of release for the iPhone version which finally hit the AppStore not more than a week ago.   Early impressions seem to be pretty positive, being content and graphically heavy alongside the awesome fighting combos.

Very much like Street Fighter, this title allows you to go through the story mode fighting off various opponents using a wide range of fighting combinations.   Using only 2 buttons and a virtual joystick, there are tens of violent moves that you should all try out.

X2 Football 2010 [$6.99 - AppStore]

Exient, whom many of you are unfamiliar with, developed FIFA for the Nintendo DS, and the ever-so popular X2 Football 2009.  Stealing Gameloft’s Real Football sales, Exient have built their own iPhone FIFA-equivalent with extremely fluent gameplay and amazing graphics.   Even with the well-known publisher having released FIFA for the iPhone, in two different alternatives, Exient have still managed to rake in better reviews.

It comes with over 100 teams and several cups to compete for, as well as online multiplayer.  After months of hype, Exient are one of the few developers to have lived up to the anticipation.  Having said that, if you like football/soccer, this title is definitely one to get.

Shrek Forever After [$6.99 - AppStore]

Gameloft are known for their monthly releases consisting of either their own titles, or famous ports of other famous games.  This time it’s their own work which they’ve created from the ground-up.   Last year they released a movie tie-in racer called Shrek Kart, which later climbed up the iTunes charts.    Just this month they’ve taken another route – a 3D platformer.

Their only other 3D platformer on the AppStore is Rayman 2, which even then isn’t their own work.   This title however seems to be much better than expected, featuring strong graphics and 3 characters to play on 11 different levels.  Whilst the content does sound pretty low, there are a few mini-games to keep you entertained.

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