Size Matters

We tested how much space could be saved if higher bit rate songs were converted to 128 kbps. Quite a bit of space was saved, but you should know that this severely degrades the quality of your music. If you’re using expensive earphones or actually care about the quality of your music, this tip is absolutely not for you. Nonetheless, your grandparents might use this tip if they need to put the Ray Anthony catalogue on their iPods and don’t really care about sound quality.





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Disclaimer: going through the comments, a lot of people are complaining about “128kbps sounds rubbish on my $600 Sennheiser headphones!!!” and of course it will. The point of this is for people who are using the Apple headphones or listen to it directly out of the speaker. Most of you won’t be able to tell the difference anyway, you just think you’re some kind of God-like audiophile.

For example, try this website (courtesy of ThaCrossroads) and see if you can work out which is the 320kbps and which is the 128kbps. I couldn’t listening to it out of my Macbook’s speakers. But try with the Apple earphones and then try with your incredibly-expensive headphones and see. The difference is MINIMAL is anything.

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