Draw Something Reaches 50 Million Downloads in 50 Days

Zynga today reported that Draw Something – formerly owned by OMGPOP – has been downloaded a total of 50 million times in just 50 days. They believe that their latest acquisition has become the “fastest growing” mobile game yet, though there is not yet any proof of this since Apple declined to give out numbers to the BBC when they asked earlier today.

Draw Something was released on February 1st of this year and almost immediately became a hit among all players, regardless of age or even language. Its gameplay is similar to the classic board game Pictionary in that you must read a word and draw what you think it would look like using several predefined colors. Once you’ve completed a drawing it will be sent off to your friend who must work out what you’ve drawn and write it down. The game then goes on from there with many different word choices, though Zynga promises to add more soon.

Back in 2009, Zynga introduced a farming game called FarmVille to the newly-established social network Facebook. It was a tremendous success and eventually made its way to iOS in June of 2010, though it has since lost popularity to the similar, but less rural CityVille.


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