Rumor: Apple to Sell HDTV Called iPanel for $1,250

Talk about an Apple HDTV has been swirling for months, with most reports using the name “iTV” colloquially. But, according to analyst Peter Misek, the Apple television set will actually be called “iPanel” for a few different reasons. To begin with, Misek notes that Apple would likely have a difficult time acquiring the naming rights from the British television network ITV.

Moreover, Misek says that the iPanel name will better reflect the multipurpose functionality that Apple’s television set will have, noting that “it is a display, gaming center, media hub, computer [and] home automator.” The Jefferies & Company analyst believes that the release of the iPanel is imminent, and will sell for $1,250.

If what Misek is saying is correct, then Apple will begin production of at least 5 million iPanel television sets in May. The Cupertino-based company will retain a 30% profit from the sale of each TV, which will utilize Sharp’s power efficient IGZO panels. All of these predictions seem rather off-base, so we’ll take this rumor lightly. We do know that Apple CEO Tim Cook promised lots more to come this year, so we’re at least optimistic. What do you think about the iPanel?

[Cult of Mac]

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