“Flashback”: A Trojan Virus Infecting 600,000 Macs

You know how Apple says the Mac doesn’t get PC viruses? Yeah, that’s since it gets Mac ones instead.

According to Russian antivirus company Dr. Web, more than 600,000 Macs have fell victim to “Flashback,” a trojan virus that targets a Java vulnerability within Mac OS X. Apple has since released a security patch to fix the problem, but hundreds of thousands of Macs are believed to still be infected. 57 percent of those infected Macs are based in the United States, while 20 percent are situated in Canada.

“Flashback” works by scanning the infected Mac for any antivirus applications that may be installed, and then proceeds to generate a list of botnet control servers that communicate with the computer without the user’s knowledge.

Macs inherit the trojan virus by visiting a compromised or malicious website, which means that anyone browsing online is susceptible to the virus. Fortunately, security group F-Secure has provided detail instructions on how to check if your Mac is infected using Terminal.

[Ars Technica]

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