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Apple’s default music player is a great stock player, especially comparing it to other stock music players; Apple’s seems a little further ahead of the others. Although it’s a great music player, it still isn’t the best as it doesn’t intuitively take advantage of many gestures, and quick access features. Although Groove isn’t an exact solution to the stock iPod or Music app, it does offer some beautiful shuffling features.  Read on for the full review:


Mix, match, shuffle, play, this is essentially how Groove works, and it does a terrific job at it. Groove takes Apple’s Genius feature and blows it into a 4 dimensional space making Apple’s look like a tiny fragment of a point.

Upon starting up Groove, you’ll be granted with a home screen. This screen functions as a way to get to the main features quickly. The home screen gives you suggestions on what to play based on your play history, song collection, and how your songs go together. Groove will suggests artists, or even sets of artists that work well together. Simple tap a square and be immersed with musical delight. Some of these features are:

  • Groovy Mix: quick shuffle mode that takes songs that sound well together and places them together; similar to what Apple’s Genius does.
  • Favorites: plays your favorite songs.
  • Three of a Kind: play sets of three songs by the same artist.

Besides that, Groove can also give you a few artists that will sound better together, and it does do a decent job at it. Each time you start the app, the Home screen will have new options for you. On the very bottom of your home screen is a single tag and you can choose artists and albums in that given tag.

There are three main quick features included with the app, however, the features are not only skin deep.

Speak of tags, Groove automatically organizes your music into these tags. If you have used, you’ll know these tags. From rock to 80s, male vocalists to female, they are all there. Unlike iTunes, a single song can have multiple tags; it only makes sense that way anyways. Selecting a tag will play songs within that specified tag.

Groove 2 synchronizes your entire music collection into tags that we all know about.

If you’re stuck with too many options to choose from, you are free to also select a Surprise Me from the home menu and let Groove make decisions for you. Any way you go, the mixes and selections of songs are just about spot on each and every time. There is just one down side though, there is no way to select individual songs to play.

The final features are really social media features that deal with the cloud. Like most apps nowadays, you can instantly share what you’re listening to, the mixes you’ve got banging, and any other things directly to Facebook or Twitter. Scobbling and other features are also built in.

Like the tunes your jamming to? Share it with the world so they know your (embarrassing, or not) music tastes!

Features: ★★★★½


At first, you may be overwhelmed with a multitude of options available for you, the interface may also seem a bit hard to adjust to at first, but once you’re used to it, everything just works amazingly. Additionally, you’ll also notice that this music player just works better than the stock.

This player takes big advantage of the built in swipe gestures that Apple has handed each and every developer. Whether you are a button guy, or gesture guy, Groove will suffice you offering the best of both worlds.

The now playing screen gives users the freedom to use buttons, or swipe gestures.

Organization is about the best I’ve seen yet as the app organizes everything for you into categories that are quick to access simply by using the built in menus that are tucked away in a Master Detail menu that has been used by apps like Facebook and Sparrow.

The menus are tucked away in what Apple calls a Master Detail view that both Facebook and Sparrow use.

Graphics: ★★★★★


I can definitely see this app being reused a lot once you learn to use its features. Playlist creation is really no longer needed to be done as this app does everything for you. This app really allows you to rediscover the music that is on your iPod, find songs you didn’t know were on your iPod, and just rock away without the hassle of searching for good mixes. Essentially, it teaches us all that a set of algorithms can know, and adhere, to our musical tastes a lot better than we could ever.

Reuse: ★★★★★


Just how much does it cost to have algorithms take over your music preferences? It’ll set you back around 4 bucks, which is actually a lot to ask for. You do get a lot for what you pay for. Right now, the app is available for 2 bucks, which serves a much better deal. Essentially you pay for the convenience of having a music player make all your listening decisions for you. If you’re tired of going through, creating playlists, selecting songs, this app is really for you. However, if you’re still fine with the basic options Apple gives you, it may be better to save your four bucks.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Groove is a well-polished app that is just feature packed. Once you use it, however, you’ll feel that your own playlist creation just doesn’t live up to what this app can do. It takes care of just about every underground thing by sifting through your music and the mixing and matching work. The end result is that you’re alone with your music. The only downside? You gotta’ pay four bucks for this.

Overall Score

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