Sparrow for iPhone Updated with New Features, Bug Fixes

Sparrow, an alternative mail client for the iPhone, has been updated to version 1.1 today with slew of new features that have been requested by users. First up, we have the built-in web browser, which is very useful to those who don’t wish to leave the app just to view a link that someone sent them in an email. More coverage after the break.

Another great feature addition that I’ve found to be rather handy is “send & archive.” Instead of replying to an email and then having to archive the message manually, all you have to do is enable this in Settings and Sparrow will automatically archive the message for you, making things a bit faster. The much needed buttons to empty the trash and spam folders have now been added along with dock badge preferences that can be configured for each account.

You now have a choice to whether show or hide the labels and folders, which is useful for saving screen space. Lastly, Sparrow now has the option to either include or leave out the attachments in a message when forwarding it. Check below for the large list of bug fixes.

Lastly, the developer assures that they will be adding push notifications to the app very soon, “with or without Apple.”

Thanks to your amazing support, we feel confident that Apple might revise its position on the Push API. We’ll submit a first version of Sparrow 1.2 including it. This might delay Sparrow 1.2 validation but we’re already working with some partners to include Push in future versions of Sparrow without needing Apple clearance.

Push is coming. With or without Apple.

The developer will be updating Sparrow again soon to version 1.2, which will include nine new languages, the ability to use the landscape orientation when writing an email, and a swipe up or down gesture to switch between messages. Lastly, the developer alludes to version 1.6 of the Sparrow for Mac app, which will include many bug fixes and POP support for those who need it.

Here’s the full list of changes in Sparrow version 1.1:

New features:
- Built-in web browser
- Send & archive
- Empty trash
- Empty spam
- Dock badge preferences by account
- Show/hide labels and folders
- Choice to include attachments when forwarding messages

Bug fix:
- Compatibility with mail servers
- Improved mail servers detection (gApps login error, self-signed certificates)
- Composer wrapping behavior
- Custom SMTP for alias
- Issue with SMTP without password
- Message view behavior with email that do not scroll
- Swipe gesture to add custom account
- Refresh starred / unread using pull to refresh
- Fixed account list scrolling with more than 10 accounts
- Video attachments are shown fullscreen

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