Ouch, T-Mobile: iPhone Coming to Regional Carrier nTelos on April 20th [Updated]

Late last year, the iPhone 4S launched on regional carrier C-Spire, which serves customers in Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and a number of other southern states. Soon, the neighboring states of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and a few other nearby states will soon also have regional access to the iPhone on nTelos Wireless, a smaller network that covers parts of southeastern United States.

nTelos has announced that they will be adding the iPhone to their network, which had over 400,000 subscribers as of 2007, on April 20th. Better yet, the local carrier will be selling the iPhone 4S at a $50 discount to attract customers to their network. In addition to these two regional networks, the iPhone 4S is also available on the major three U.S. carriers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.

This surely serves as a blow to the U.S.’s fourth-largest carrier, T-Mobile. The mobile carrier has publicly expressed its desire to carry the iPhone on its network, but has yet to have any successful negotiations with Apple. Until then, the carrier will continue to suffer as a myriad of its competitors continue to reek the benefits of carrying the iPhone.

Update: Alaska Communications and Appalachian Wireless — two other regional carriers in the U.S. — will also begin selling the iPhone 4S on April 20th with the same $50 discount.


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