Square Off: Apple TV vs. Xbox 360

On Tuesdays, iFans picks two controversial brands, products, or other topics to debate about in the “Square Off” column. This week, we’re pitting the Apple TV set-top TV box against Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. Square Off Archives

Last month, Apple introduced the third-generation Apple TV with 1080p video playback, a new user interface, and several other features for just $99. With support for iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe, your Mac or PC and more, the Apple TV provides a number of different ways to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. The media box can be paired with Apple’s official remote or your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad using the Remote app.

Then, there is Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console, which can also be used as a media player to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. While the Xbox 360 is bulkier and more expensive than the Apple TV, it is multipurpose since it can also be used to play your favorite video games. Xbox 360 has support for Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and many other services, too, so both consoles have access to third-party content.

Do you use the Apple TV or Xbox 360 to watch your favorite TV shows and movies? Which one do you think is better for multimedia? Be sure to factor in price, functionality, portability, and access to third-party services in your response. Remember to be respectful and open minded with your feedback.

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