Facebook for iPad Gets Retina Optimization

Facebook has just updated their iOS app with Retina optimization for Apple’s new iPad, along with the addition of allowing users to go offline in chat, support for eight new languages, and bug fixes. Some of these bug fixes include the app now displaying the correct profile picture for all friends, photos of people who like certain Facebook Pages loading correctly, the friend request notification bubble actually shows when you have a friend request, and more.

Also, if you speak Czech, Danish, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Norwegian, Portuguese, or Thai, then the app now has support for all these languages so you won’t have to resort to English or another alternative just to use it. Hopefully the app as a whole is a lot more stable than before, but there’s no mention of performance enhancements in the list of changes, so let us know in the comments how things are working for you. You can view the full list of changes after the break and grab the new version of Facebook for iOS either in the App Store updates pane or here.

- You can go offline in chat
- The right profile picture appears for everyone
- Your list of friends always includes all your friends
- In sets of photos, your name is displayed correctly
- Photos of people who like Facebook Pages load correctly
- Your friend-request notification only lights up if you have a request
- You can change your language to Czech, Danish, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Portuguese (Portugal) or Thai

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