New iPad Owners ‘Very Satisfied’

A new survey conducted by ChangeWave Research just published today features feedback on Apple’s latest iPad. It shows that 82 percent of users are “very satisfied” with the device, while only 16 percent are “somewhat satisfied” and 2 percent are “somewhat dissatisfied” with no “very unsatisfied” customers at all. Satisfaction has gone up 8 percent since ChangeWave’s survey for last year’s tablet.

When asked what they liked most about the new iPad, 75 percent of users responded that they are really enjoying the new Retina display, with other aspects like the long battery life at 22 percent and 4G LTE at 21 percent — it’s obvious that these two have somewhat of a connection since nearly every other tablet on the market can’t match the new iPad’s battery life on 4G LTE. More on this survey after the break.

Lastly, ChangeWave’s survey shows that 26 percent of users dislike the price of the iPad, while 23 percent of them don’t like the wireless data plan pricing, which just goes to show how cheap customers are. Other than that, 8 percent of users don’t like the size/weight of the new device — which was only barely increased from the last generation — and a mere 7 percent are complaining about the heat resonating from the device. In other words, Consumer Reports’ criticism of the iPad heating up when used for an extensive amount of time and also when charging isn’t all that bad in the real world since users have shown that they see it otherwise.


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