Apple to Put More Pressure on its Retail Employees with New Scheduling Rules

Apple is reportedly set to introduce new scheduling rules that will increase the workload on its retail employees, says ifoAppleStore. In an effort to combat against increased customer traffic at Apple’s brick-and-mortar retail locations, the company will be raising the minimum number of hours that its part-time employees must work per week from 16 to 24.

As the popularity of Apple products has increased dramatically, the retail experience at Apple stores has became rather hectic and stressful for Specialists, Geniuses, and Creatives:

Appleā€™s stores have become more crowded, noisy, and stressful as their products have risen in popularity and more products have come to market. In fact, some stores have seen their visitor traffic double annually over the past four years, sources say. The increased traffic means staffers must sell, train and repair while elbow-to-elbow with colleagues, or even customers, and amidst more distractions and noise.

Apple will also be changing its definition of “weekend” to include Friday. Apple now expects its full-time employees to work at least two of three weekend days, whereas its workers used to be able to choose between working just Saturday or Sunday with the other day off.

Unfortunately for some retail employees, the increased commitment that Apple is looking for might be too burdensome when combined with education, family, and other day-to-day obligations. Apple is allegedly aware of this problem, and will try to help by being more lenient with its requests for time off, as long as they are made three weeks in advance. The new changes are expected to go into effect on April 15th.

[ifoAppleStore via MacRumors]

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