Google Revolutionizes Typing with Gmail Tap

Have you ever thought that having so many keys to type with is hard? I mean really, 26 keys can be a bit overwhelming to many social people since they usually just want to get content in the chat box or email and move on with their lives. Google today announced a revolutionary new service called Gmail Tap that aims to mend all your typing problems by minimizing those 26 keys on your mobile phone to just two¬†buttons. I believe this is a new wave of communication that will swiftly do away with Swipe and the iPhone’s Siri Dictation. Best of all, there’s no punctuation or anything. Google has made sure you have nothing more to worry about than the words when typing something.

Now you’re probably wondering, how does Gmail Tap work? It’s really not all that complicated. All you have to do is memorize basic Morse code and download the Gmail Tap app to your Android device. Google has even included a nice chart on their Gmail Tap page to help you learn Morse code. Reed Morse — a descendent of the great Samuel Morse — has put together a great video explaining this new technology. Take a look after the break and head over to Google’s official Gmail Tap page for more information.

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