Not All Foxconn Workers Want to Work Fewer Hours

Apple and Foxconn have both agreed to work on reducing the number of labor violations that occur at the iPhone maker’s overseas supply chain. These violations, including excessive working hours, low wages, unpaid overtime, and health concerns, were discovered by the Fair Labor Association after their Apple-requested audit of Foxconn’s manufacturing plants in China. While improved working conditions are certainly looked at as something positive, not all Foxconn workers are too happy about the anticipated changes.

Several Foxconn employees are worried that, if their overtime hours are reduced, they will be making less money. These employees understand that their working conditions are not the greatest, especially in factories with upwards of 100,000 people, but they need to work these hours to maintain at least a decent standard of living. Speaking with Reuters, a number of employees voiced their concerns.

“We are worried we will have less money to spend,” said Foxconn worker Wu Jun. “Of course, if we work less overtime, it would mean less money.”

Foxconn has agreed to reduce their overtime limit to 36 hours per month, which some workers feel just isn’t enough. “We think that 60 hours of overtime a month would be reasonable and that 36 hours would be too little,” Foxconn worker Chen Yamei told Reuters.

Fortunately, Foxconn has vowed to “develop a compensation package that addresses the income lost through reduced hours.” If the manufacturing company follows through on this promise, then perhaps Foxconn workers won’t have to worry as much about their financial situation.

[Reuters via CNET]

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