Legal Loop: Apple is Named in a Second Class Action Lawsuit over Siri

iPhone 4S owner David Jones has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for falsely advertising its Siri voice assistant feature, says the Los Angeles Times. Jones claims that Apple makes false representations about the functionality of Siri, such as in its television commercials.

In his personal experience using Siri, Jones has experienced delays in getting a correct answer from Siri, or has received the wrong answer altogether. Consequently, Jones is seeking damages from Apple for himself and all other iPhone 4S buyers.

“Through its nationwide multimedia marketing campaign, Apple disseminates false and deceptive representations regarding the functionality of the Siri feature,” the report noted the suit as claiming. “For example, in many of Apple’s television commercials, consumers are shown using Siri to make appointments, find restaurants, and even to learn the guitar chords to classic rock songs. In its advertisements, Apple depicts these tasks as easily accomplished ‘just by asking’ Siri.”

This new suit is very similar to one filed by a New York man last month, which cited Apple airing “misleading and deceptive” television ads for Siri. In Apple’s defense for both of these lawsuits, it does advertise Siri as a beta feature and also notes that its sequences are shortened in TV advertisements.

A recent class action lawsuit involving iPhone 4 reception issues has resulted in Apple offering affected users a $15 settlement or free bumper case, so it will be interesting to see what happens in this case.

[LA Times via AppleInsider]

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